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park theatre

this theatre is on one level but there is an accessible entrance around the back which allows entry to front and bypass stairs. the washrooms have tight corners

fifth avenue

this building has four theatres with accessible entrance on right of ticket window



the theatre is two levels but bottom is only

accessible and washrooms are on either side of entrance

capitol six

the accessible entrance is at back where you can also purchase tickets there are accessible washrooms on second and third floor

granville 7

the building has four levels to enter theatre four use entry  by concession accessible washrooms are located on basement floor there is also a small elevator to cinema seven


there are twelve cinemas in two wings and the bathrooms are located by exit and there is a concession stand in one wing


this is on one level and  accessible washroom is at far end of building


this has two levels with ticket counter on first the elevator is on far wall there is a upper level for  cinema 2 the concession is on the far side opposite cinemas the washrooms are along one side


this theatre is easily accessed from top of lonsdale quay public market via doors across  from elevator on third floor

the theatre is on two levels with elevator at back of building and the concession is in middle of building

station square 7 cinemas

the theatres are on one level and on both sides of single hallway the washrooms are located between theatres

Silvercity Metropolis

the theatres are along both sides of hallway.the washrooms have rounded corners and are located at end of hallway and between cinemas five and six

silvercity riverport

this has twelve  stadium style theatres  laid out in two arms with the imax theatre at back of building washrooms are located in each hall

silvercity coquitlam

this has twelve theatres with one outfitted for kids viewing bathrooms are located at front  of building