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freedom rants

why is it that in vancouver there is only company that provides accessible cabs while in others there is a choice. if there was another accessible cab company in the city people would  have an incentive to go out more and not dread the experience and be level with other cities where there  more than one accessible cab company

why doesn't translink  put ls on its online bus schedules to denote times for buses that are accessible at certain times because only certain buses are accessible all day and it would eliminate flipping and extra paper just to find out that a bus is accessible for part of the day because just knowing is half the  battle

why doesn't lonsdale quay have automatic doors on its top level because if they did then there willl be a quicker way to the movies

when granville station is finally made accessible they should make sure that it is connected to pacific centre  the easy way would be to connect it with the food fair and its two hallways would be the most direct way to access skytrain without having to backtrack or walk to waterfront when granville station is the best option

Granville island is an island in more ways than one. Emily Carr is the only building that has automatic doors on the island so  that is the only place that a person can be independent

Why did'nt Translink publish the handidart rates in there regular ads

Why do some stores insist on using ramps for wheelchairs as a place for their stock which could  get damaged by our vehicles