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metropolitan hotel 645 howe street

this hotel has an accessible entrance on the side of parkade and the 

elevators are located at the front of the building. each level is laid out like a wedge with the elevators on one side and  rooms on the other

westin grand vancouver 633 robson

this hotel is in the shape of a  grand piano and has three levels of underground parking

the restaurant and meeting rooms are all on the main lobby level

Fairmont waterfront 900 canada place way

 this hotel has direct access to waterfront centre mall

sutton place

the hotel consists  of two buildings connected by a small hallway room elevators are at the back. room levels are laid out in a octopus fashion with the hallways going out  from the centre

sheraton wall  centre

this hotel has a rotating front door that can be slowed from a button on outside. room elevators are located on far side of building by restaurant . Room  levels are laid out in a pie shape with the elevators in the middle  and the rooms on the side

four seasons 

the lower area is accessible from the street level but to check in you should go to the third floor of Holt renfrew to access second level

pacific palisades the entrance is around far side of the building and up a steep ramp the elevators  are located to the right as you enter

parkhill hotel

this hotel is accessible from street level  the restaurant is located on the left as you enter

   pan pacific hotel

the check in area is one level up from street and the elevators are tucked far along one upon entry there is a horseshoe shopping area and some restaurants and each floor has an accessible room that has sliding bathroom doors


hotel georgia

accessible entry is on far side with elevator for upper shops 

in front as you enter

granville island hotel

the ground level is accessible and there is a restaurant on one end with an accessible patio

hotel  le soleil

the ground level is very accessible with the elevators right  in front as you enter and restaurant is located on the far side

delta pinnacle hotel

the hotel has a circular entry area with restaurant on one side and room elevators next to it and meeting rooms one level up


holiday inn vancouver downtown

the ramp is on the far side and has several corners the ground level includes medley's restaurant. the elevators are located in front as you enter and the check in is located on the opposite side

residence inn

this hotel has automatic doors and the elevators are directly in front of you upon entry

holiday inn north vancouver

this hotel has five accessible rooms and the elevators are located on opposite wall upon entry and are activated by swiping room key each level has a separate ice room. the hotel is on the 239 bus route and a restaurant that is accessible from hotel exterior


lonsdale quay hotel

this hotel is on the top of the market and also there is a restaurant

the hotel elevator is also used after market has closed

empire landmark hotel

this hotel is on robson and has automatic entrance doors the elevators are on the opposite side upon entry there is a shop on one side

hyatt regency vancouver;jsessionid=0EWFXM0MWJUS2P5QSESSM4R54CISIJVC?_requestid=141893

the automatic doors are just past the main doors and royal centre mall is easily entered from back of hotel

rosedale on  robson suite hotel


georgian court hotel

accessible entrrance  located along restaurant patio and elevator is located at back of building

opus hotel