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pacific centre

this mall has two sections  a central hallway and an atrium which is accessible via office building and two sets of elevators which  brings you to the second floor.the main floor has an elevator hidden on one side that brings you directly to skywalk

oakridge centre

the mall is one level and is on   oakridge langara pedestrian walkway and is made up of a central hall with department stores on both ends


city square

this mall has two levels of shops with automatic doors by parkade entrance and by lifestyles on second level


arbutus village

this mall is on one level and has petcetera and safeway  on both ends and has an automatic door between stores

park royal

this mall is made up of two buildings one building is three levels with the elevator in the middle.The second building  is  only one level. Accessible buses stop between  the two 


royal centre

this mall is accessible from street level and the Burrard Skytrain station via concourse level the elevator for this mall is accessed through its own door elevators are located in the middle of each level washrooms are in the same area on each level

bentall centre

This mall is accessed from street level through entrance on far side of building and mall is one level down and the food fair is right in front of you as you exit elevator and the bathrooms are located on the far side of food fair by parkade

waterfront centre

This mall is accessible from elevator inside office building and when out of elevator there is a small hallway before you hit stores

sinclair centre

this mall is on two levels and the elevator is adjacent to the food fair which is located along one side of the lower level. to access the washrooms there is a heavy door that you have to open from food court area 


international village

This mall is on two levels and the elevator is located along edge of lower level washrooms are located in main level hallway and in food fair on second level Automatic doors are located at keefer place and west pender entrances

kingsgate mall

this mall is on two levels  with automatic door by payless shoe source and by mill restaurant and by liquor store washrooms are located by escalator to second level  which can be accessed by sidewalk along building

denman place mall 

the mall is on one level and is easily accessed by shoppers drug mart entrance

center point mall

this mall is on one level with automatic doors at back of  building and stores on two sides

capilano mall

this mall is two levels with the elevator in the middle .The washrooms are located at the far end of the food fair

lynn vallley centre

this mall is one level with indigo books on one end and automatic door in middle of building

il mercado

this mall is one level with supervalu on one side with automatic door and also a door by vancity washrooms are at back

richmond centre

this mall is on one level and washrooms are located in food court

royal centre

this mall is on two levels  and is accessible thru hyatt regency hotel and  on street level and washrooms are located in the food court

Lougheed Town Centre

this mall is  easily accessed from the millennium line at lougheed town is on two levels with flat escalators and will soon have two elevators. accessible washrooms are located in mall and food court


brentwood town centre 

this mall is  on two levels with elevator located  in middle of mall accessible washrooms are located on upper level


vancouver centre

this mall is on one level and has a food court and lifts up to the bay and is accessible from londondrugs on granville

madison centre

this mall is  accessible from the the gilmore  millennium line station

the elevator is at the back of the building and washrooms are located on upper level

metropolis at metrotown

this mall is on two levels with an entertainment zone that includes silvercity and playdium. there are two sets of elevators by mcdonalds and in the centre of main floor. washrooms are located in the food court and on second level and they have no corners.This mall is connected to Metrotown Centre's third level by sky walk


metrotown centre

this mall has four levels with three levels of shopping .elevators are located in centre of mall and halfway along third floor which also accesses parking levels washroom are located on each floor third floor skywalk accesses Metropolis at Metrotown also owned by IvanhoeCambridge

Station square

this two level mall includes save on foods ,sportchek,future shop and movie theatre which is accessible by elevator on right side upon entry. this mall is connected to metropolis by lift on right side across from holiday inn 

crystal mall

this mall is on four levels and includes food fair and access to hilton metrotown the elevator is on side of each level